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PCC (Parochial Church Council)

The PCC, is made up of the parish clergy and elected representatives from our congregation and is our church’s governing body with the powers and duties of the PCC laid down in law.   Key duties are to co-operate with the vicar in promoting the mission of the Church in the parish and to be responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also has a voice in the form of service used by the church and may make representations to the Bishop and Deanery Synod on matters affecting the welfare and pastoral care of the parish.

Our PCC meets approximately once a month to discuss matters about the life of the Church.   As well as discussing finance and buildings, we also cover the Church's mission and involvement in the community, support of missionary work, the social life and activities of the Church together with the spiritual development of the congregation and our worship.   Given that this amounts to a lot of work for a small group of volunteers, the PCC delegates some of its tasks to sub-groups, such as the 'Admin Angels' who help to bear the load of administration and red tape that constitutes the Church's survival and support required to move forward and grow.  There is also a Fundraising Committee and a Project & Fabric Committee who all meet regularly to discuss, manage and organise the smooth running of events, maintenance and repair/restoration work etc.


PCC Meetings and Minutes

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