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The Parochial Church Council of St Michael and All Angels Church Bodenham Herefordshire HR1 3JU HEREBY GIVES NOTICE of its intention to:

a.       remove 3 wall mounted memorial stones on the south side of the Church which are  considered unsafe. There are no known records or indications of any dedication of other wording on these memorials


b.       repair and make safe one memorial on the north side of the Church which appears to bear the name of James Turberville who died in 1869 


c.       repair and make safe the following gravestones in the Churchyard 



James Williams died 1874 and Richard Charles Williams died 1887
Alan Thomas Williams died 1912 

Ann Jones died 1912 

Moses John Wilkins died ????

Edward Phillip Dover died 1914

Mary Ann Symonds died 1911

Thomas Dance died 1915 

Ghosan Bertha Dance died 1923  and  Albert Charles Dance died 1941 and Bertha Louise Dance died 1926

John Wellings died 1923 

Suzanna Jane Helme died 1904

Alice Mary Lewis died 1967 

Mary Ann Wills died 1923 

Frederick Elliott Gough died 1915


It should be noted that some of the gravestones affected have been laid flat for safety reasons and all have been marked with yellow and black caution tape.  Anyone inspecting the gravestones or memorials should exercise extreme caution.


Anyone who may own or have a genealogical link to or other interest in any of the above gravestones or memorials is asked to contact by no later than 30th April 2024.

All enquiries and requests for further information may be submitted by message on the website.   Also phone contact can be via 01568797434


Dated           11/3/24                                        

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